Supplying American's Finest†Pressure Washers, Oil Fired†Furnaces & Boilers, and Industrial Chemical Supplies†to Boise Idaho and surrounding areas since 1990!

Viking Industrial Systems provides Boise Idaho pressure washers, including hot water and cold water pressure washers for many industries including:

What Makes Viking Industrial the†Best Pressure Washer Supplier for Boise Idaho?

Viking Industrial provides the right advice to help customers choose the right sized power†washer, furnace or boiler the first time.† They also recommend that right accessories to match the needs of their customers.† In addition to great service, they provide the best products available including the following brands:

  • Hydro Tek cleaning systems manufactured in Redlands California
  • Aaladin pressure washers manufactured in Elk Point South Dakota
  • Whitco pressure washers manufactured in Alcester South Dakota
  • KO ís job matched chemicals manufactured in Springfield Missouri
  • Taginator graffiti remover manufactured in Norwood Pennsylvania
  • Clean Burn furnaces and boilers manufactured in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Hydro Tek Pressure Washers

Hydor Tek Hot Water Pressure Washers are some of the finest American made pressure washers in our industry.† These quality pressure washers are made with high quality stainless steel components, so you can rest assured that your pressure washer will last for decades!† Find out more about Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers†or get details on Hydro tek hot water pressure washer models.

Hydro Tek Cold Water Pressure Washers are the mainstay of many cleaning operations because they are rugged and reliable.† Viking Industrial Systems offers both portable and stationary pressure washer units.† Find out more about Hydro Tek cold water pressure washers.

Aaladin Pressure Washers

Aaladin Hot Water Pressure Washers have been proudly offered by Viking Industrial Systems since 1981.† These machines will work for many years even in heavy service industries.† Our first Aaladin customer traded in his first Aaladin pressure washer after 30 years of use... and traded it in for another Aaladin pressure washer.† That's how good these products are!† Find out more about Aaladin hot water pressure washers or get details on Aaladin hot water pressure washer models.

Aaladin Cold Water Pressure Washers are designed to provide thousands of hours of operation for dairy farms, food processing plants, mining operations, and many other situations where a power washer is required for every day usage.† The Aaladin power washer offers a time dealy shut down system to help minimize the possibility of by-pass heat damage and repairs.† Find out more bout Aaladin cold water power washers.

Whitco Pressure Washers

Whitco power washers are a cold water pressure washer designed for heavy duty industrial usage.† These power washers are idea for hot producers, farms, factories, construction equipment, and painting contractors.† They are available in electric or gas engines.† Find out more about Whitco cold water power washers.

Clean Burn Used-Oil-Fired Furnaces

Clean Burn offers the world's largest selection of used-oil-fired furnaces.† They offer maximum efficiency and reliable performance even in the coldest environments.† Find out more about Clean Burn furnaces.

Clean Burn Used-Oil-Fired Boilers

Clean Burn can give you FREE HEAT with any of their three waste oil fired boilers.† They are engineered to be efficient and reliable even in the coldest conditions.† Find out more about Clean Burn boilers.

Graffiti Remover Solutions

Viking Industrial offers the Taginator and Tagaway to help you remove even the toughest graffiti problems.† Clik to see an example of how well our graffiti remover works.